Sunday, May 31, 2015

Book Review: Riding

You can find it here: Riding

When I first bought this book I thought it would be a nice quaint story about a family and how working for the IOC shapes their lives over time. This book is that but it is also so much more. It deals with their triumphs and pitfalls, how simple life can throw them a curveball and ultimately how they pick themselves up again.

I was able to identify with the mother, Elizabeth more than I've been able to identify with a character in years. How her life and sense of identity changes: first after her marriage then again after having a child. Following her story, as well as her husband Mario and their son Andre as their lives are shaped, expanded and enriched over the years due to their exposure to the Olympic Games, is a satisfying experience. 

Andre finds passion and acceptance in cycling and overcomes his physical setbacks. Mario is a very responsible man who travels and works very hard to keep his family living comfortably. But through all that he strives to stay close to his wife and son.

As this was a pleasantly surprising and uplifting story I will recommend this book to many of my friends.

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