Monday, September 28, 2015

Etsy Find: Turquoise Pendant

Here is a Beautiful Turquoise Pendant:

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Book Review: The Love Magnet Rules

Get it here: 101 Love Tips

Mr. Stone has created a compilation of tips for finding and dating that special someone. I found his book to be humorous in some of his word choices (don’t be a jerk, lol) and most of the tips were what I consider to be common sense. But there were plenty that made me think, made me realize I hadn’t considered that, and the section on Internet Dating as well as Social Media is a valuable tool for everyone in the Dating “Game”.

I have already given this book to a friend of mine and will hop that she takes these tips to heart, truly follows them and finds her true love. For myself, this book was a personal reminder (As I’m married) to continue to treat my husband as if he were truly that special someone, to not get complacent and slack off in the intimacy department. We all want to be treated well and as Mr. Stone says: If they are special, treat them as such. 

Book Review: For those in the shade

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So this is the second book in the dead bank diary series.  I wanted to give the series another chance even though the first book was a struggle at times to read.  I think with this book the author redeemed the series.  I was able to follow along and even though there are still sentence structure errors throughout the whole book, they are not as distracting (or I simply got used to them) as they were in the first book.

The story follows Anna the "middleman" and her new companion Marc as they try to unravel the mystery of who tried to break into Illya's bank, as well as what they were trying to do there.  The emphasis on financial information was less pronounced than in the first book and there was more intrigue and mystery and “who dun it”, which I think helped make this book more interesting to me and easier to read. If you didn't read the first book you can jump right in here, there is a little over view in the beginning that will help you figure out who is who. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Review: The Float Tank Cure

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I recall hearing about this a few months ago, so I was curious about it and when I saw this book I figured, why not? I’m glad I got it because Mr. Scott truly explains what this is all about. Does it seem strange? Does the idea of disconnecting from the external world and lying in a dark room floating in a salt water tub even frighten me a little? Sure, but I am willing to give it a try after Mr. Scott has laid out all the benefits: a proven way to reduce pain, enhance your physical recovery and a way to disconnect from the world.

I’m also getting this book in the paperback format to give to my husband who suffers from anxiety and has never liked the side effects the medicines give him. He will be able to benefit from the wisdom imparted here. And maybe Mr. Scott will have persuaded him to give this a try? I’ve already looked up the nearest float center and will be giving them a call.

This book is not your typical “self-help” book, it is Mr. Scott’s story of how he discovered floating, the benefits he was able to reap from it and how he was able to eventually bring it to others in an affordable way. This book I think is best for us newcomers to take away that strangeness and get us acquainted with what Floating really is all about.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review: the Heartbeat Thief

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I'm Back from vacation and here is the first review and personally: What A Book!

I positively devoured this book. A weekend and it was over and I was left with a satisfying afterglow from the story. Even though the reading of this story was pleasant and entertaining, the premise of the story, the pondering upon the meaning of death, leaves you with a sense of reflection and makes you wonder how exactly you are living your life and how Death ultimately fits into your plans. Are you afraid of Death?
Young Senza, at the tender age of 18 makes a deal with the mysterious Mr. Knell and her life is never the same. Will she find love or ruin? Has she truly cheated Death?

Using Death as an old friend, an old lover, this topic has been done and written about before, true, but never in such a manner. This book was refreshing and at first I picked it up thinking maybe it might be a novel akin to a vampiristic theme, but it never went towards the macabre other when our main character met and dealt with a certain mass murdered in London. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to any of my friends.