Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: For those in the shade

Get it here: Shade

So this is the second book in the dead bank diary series.  I wanted to give the series another chance even though the first book was a struggle at times to read.  I think with this book the author redeemed the series.  I was able to follow along and even though there are still sentence structure errors throughout the whole book, they are not as distracting (or I simply got used to them) as they were in the first book.

The story follows Anna the "middleman" and her new companion Marc as they try to unravel the mystery of who tried to break into Illya's bank, as well as what they were trying to do there.  The emphasis on financial information was less pronounced than in the first book and there was more intrigue and mystery and “who dun it”, which I think helped make this book more interesting to me and easier to read. If you didn't read the first book you can jump right in here, there is a little over view in the beginning that will help you figure out who is who. 

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