Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: The Love Magnet Rules

Get it here: 101 Love Tips

Mr. Stone has created a compilation of tips for finding and dating that special someone. I found his book to be humorous in some of his word choices (don’t be a jerk, lol) and most of the tips were what I consider to be common sense. But there were plenty that made me think, made me realize I hadn’t considered that, and the section on Internet Dating as well as Social Media is a valuable tool for everyone in the Dating “Game”.

I have already given this book to a friend of mine and will hop that she takes these tips to heart, truly follows them and finds her true love. For myself, this book was a personal reminder (As I’m married) to continue to treat my husband as if he were truly that special someone, to not get complacent and slack off in the intimacy department. We all want to be treated well and as Mr. Stone says: If they are special, treat them as such. 

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