Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Review: The Float Tank Cure

Get it here: Float Tank Cure


I recall hearing about this a few months ago, so I was curious about it and when I saw this book I figured, why not? I’m glad I got it because Mr. Scott truly explains what this is all about. Does it seem strange? Does the idea of disconnecting from the external world and lying in a dark room floating in a salt water tub even frighten me a little? Sure, but I am willing to give it a try after Mr. Scott has laid out all the benefits: a proven way to reduce pain, enhance your physical recovery and a way to disconnect from the world.

I’m also getting this book in the paperback format to give to my husband who suffers from anxiety and has never liked the side effects the medicines give him. He will be able to benefit from the wisdom imparted here. And maybe Mr. Scott will have persuaded him to give this a try? I’ve already looked up the nearest float center and will be giving them a call.

This book is not your typical “self-help” book, it is Mr. Scott’s story of how he discovered floating, the benefits he was able to reap from it and how he was able to eventually bring it to others in an affordable way. This book I think is best for us newcomers to take away that strangeness and get us acquainted with what Floating really is all about.

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