Saturday, November 28, 2015

Book Review:The New Lease

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I really enjoy conspiracy novels so this was right up my alley. Fae is a interesting choice as main character since she has a history of mental illness, top that off with her unique assignment from her College Professor in Investigative Journalism you have the perfect plot. Why is there a sudden rush of “feel good” news over the world? How does this all fit together? The book jumped a tad bit too much for me in the beginning, I know it was trying to build the back story and the Indian Ashram was part of the “villains” back-story, but I find it could have been condensed a little.

Regardless of that, I did enjoy the story, the pacing was great (around the middle it took off) and the characters were really detailed. The end (as other reviewers have remarked), left me with a bit of an empty feeling, as if I missed something, but it was only because multiple plotlines were left open. 

Book Review: The busy Executive Diet

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This is not your typical Diet book where they tell you to abstain from one food and eat more of the other with no scientific reasoning. You can tell that the author really did her homework for this book. She has included all the references at the end of each chapter, making it easy to go and look at the individual studies that she was talking about.

Furthermore, the advice she gives is no-nonsense and to the point. She gives you the scientific and medical reasoning behind her advice and she is not trying to sell you some “miracle” substance that will magically make you slim. This is actually what got me interested in reading this book. I don’t usually pick up diet books, because this is a multi-billion dollar industry and our avg waist size is increasing in alarming numbers. This book helps you get over the excuses you give yourself that are self-defeating in the end and I am sure that this book, if followed carefully will help you lose the weight and keep it off. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book Review: Romance with a touch of Love

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This book is a collection of poems and short (really short) stories that are all centered on Love. This might be a seemingly simple enough concept but the author is very good at what he does and there were a few I had to re-read to really get what he was saying, not just the overt, but the subtle meanings as well. He is able to really make you think about love, just as the description says. There are twelve poems altogether in this book that spans 16 pages.

The only thing I have to say that spoiled this book for me is how it was so short. I would’ve loved to have more poems, or short stories to immerse myself in, since this is a talented writer. This is the only reason this is getting only 3 stars. For, diction, tempo, grammar, structure and the heart of the poetry itself, this book deserves at least 4 stars.

Book Review: The High Price I had to pay

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I picked this book up because I liked the Ms. Davis’s first book “She’s all caught up” so much. That story, her memoir, was very interesting. This story, is more about later in life, how she fought her legal battles, and wrongful trial, effectively being punished because she didn’t have the far-reaching and high up connections of the others that were involved with the Lehman fraud deals. What I found interesting was who had their fingers in whose pockets and how they all seemed to have each others backs over the years. I found it sad that Ms. Davis’s extremely harsh sentence was upheld time and again.

I did find some parts of the book to drag on because of all the legal terms, I had to look them up, or re-read some parts a few times to ensure I grasped what was being said, but as the book went on, I was able to keep up. At the end Ms. Davis closes with several of her own Poems, inspired by her time in prison and her experiences. Overall, I found this book interesting, if a bit hard to follow at times.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Book Review: A Monster Chase

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This book was a bit different, part fiction and part biographical is how I took it. The main character is Anna, a writer in the Healthcare System who is a patient of Dr. Helen Quaile and also does some editing work for her. Through the book Anna reflects on their relation ship as doctor and patient and when she finds out that Dr. Quaile’s license is revoked ends up researching the legal battle, courts, and all.
Dr. Quaile has this vision of how a practice should be run, but she is barely hanging on, often using her own paychecks to cover labor costs and other expenses. Sadly she falls victim of an overzealous prosecutor who is trying to make a name for himself.

This was a interesting read, very unique in its set up, using many flashbacks to cover and clarify points or data herein. The parts with the court transcripts took some getting used to but in the end it enriched the story, making me feel like I was sitting in the courtroom. A very interesting and thought-provoking read about our Healthcare system and how it treats the individual doctors (not those part of a hospital). I would recommend this book any day. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Book review: Light Within

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This was a really good tale. Even though I didn’t read the first book in this series (this is the second, and I really need to start picking up the first books from now one), the story wasn’t hard to follow. The author did not swamp you with information either, rather she lest the story unfold and feeds you a bit of background information little by little. That is the best way to do this I think. I did feel a tad lost amidst the many characters and their relation ships from time to time, but never to the point of frustration.

The story follows Sara as she leads a team of warriors through earth and other parallel worlds in search of the three keys that will save Earth from the all consuming powers of the shadows who are directed by Tarsalon. Sara is an old soul and has been connected to Kevin, who remembers their past lives together, yet cannot reveal them to Sara for fear of distracting her from the mission and violating an agreement he has with powerful beings. This story brings the spirit of teamwork, compassion, bravery and testing your limits and it does this in a beautiful manner. I recommend this book.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Review: Think what YOU want

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I’ve never read James Allen’s book so I cannot compare this one to his. This book deals with the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. Pretty much if you are positive, then you will attract positive things in your life (a pretty simple way from me to explain it top you). The positive message that this book brings you reassures you that karma is there, and even though you might think otherwise, if you think positive, believe positive (as in spiritual), and live positive, then positive things will surely come your way. This book was an easy read. A first for me in this genre, so I was a little hesitant to purchase it but I am happy I did and took the dive into the “Positive Thinking” crowd. I am going to try and use all the tools the author provided within to stay on the right track and who knows? This might actually work

Friday, November 13, 2015

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Book Review Perfect for Him

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This was a stirring and emotional tale of Harley as she deals with her approaching death. It does not stop there, and it follows her daughter’s and her husband on how they deal with her death and how they come out of it. This story is about family, loss, but also courage in the face of it all and steadfastness. The author was able to flesh each character out with enough details so that you truly started caring about each one.
I know one reviewer said this book was “rather ordinary”, but I do not think so. In all our lives we deal with death and loss and this book shows how one family dealt with it. This book wasn’t ordinary in my opinion. I enjoy reading about life and how other people live it (even if it is only fiction). This is a good story and well worth the read.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Book Review: Face of our Father

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This story about Angie and Stu, husband and wife who try to protect each other from harm, while they each set out to protect innocent people in their own unique way will grip you and will not let go. Poignant in its setting and horrifying in its attention to detail this is a story that could or rather, very well might be happening at this very moment. Honor killings? Check. Human Trafficking? Check. The story telling and writing is superb and you will be left pondering this book for a long time to come. Wondering, are your children truly safe? How close is this threat really to us?

I did like the story. I liked how the prologue, set hundreds of years in the past was incorporated and made relevant in the here and now. This was a fast paced and detailed story and it was a worldwide crime story, with wide reaching implications. This Thriller will keep you entertained until the last word.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review: Atlantic Island

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(This is a review for the Omnibus Edition) I really loved this book. The Hypothetical What-If and Alternate history genre is right up my alley and so I am glad I picked this book up and I devoured it. Even though the story is focused towards the YA audience, as an adult you can still get something out of the story.

We find Theo and his friends enjoying their summer break down in Atlantic City, NJ and what was supposed to be a summer filled with fun, sun parties and girls turned into a horrific nightmare. Part of the Shoreline is ripped from the continent and transported who knows where, but there are questions about things that the group of resident “scientists’ have found, Philadelphia is under water with Swastikas on City Hall? Are we in a bad remake of Water World? But even as many questions as it raises and answers, the author does leave enough questions open ended so that you are left waiting and searching for the next book because this one has gripped you and won’t let go. Get this book and Enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book Review Tips, Tricks and $ advice they didn't teach you in college

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This book has lots of good advice, some common sense and some that are helpful even if you are not that knowledgeable in the financial world. Some things that I really liked was the simple explanations the author provided for terms such as: 401(k), Roth and traditional IRA, 457/403(b) Simple IRA’s and so on. He even goes on to explain Investment Accounts, Bonds, Mutual Funds and more. The advice he gives about Mortgages, purchasing Cars and even protecting your data both on and offline is very good and something that I think is really relevant in today’s interconnected world. He references a few other books within if you have some special circumstances so this would benefit you and save you time from browsing the book aisles.

I was surprised at the advice he provided about the Fixed vs. the AR Mortgages, but I think I am more comfortable with the fixed I have now. And the advice about setting a budget and limiting your spending on your credit cards unless you can immediately move the money into it and pay it off is valuable advice that we “know” but never follow. This is avery good book to give you a common sense look at some issues and give you ideas on how to get started with cleaning up your financial mess you are in.

Book Review: Cup of evil

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The main characters might be Zoe and Garth, but Josh an attorney and acquaintance ends up becoming a major character as well. The bad guy, Mr. Beckman tries his best to thwart them in their plans of rebuilding a downtrodden neighborhood in Manhattan. Corruption, bribes, blackmail you name it he tries everything to get the major and anyone else who might be helpful to stand in their way. And Josh, at first out of a mislaid dutifulness helps Beckman, but once he uncovers the true and deep depravity of Beckman he starts to find his way to Zoe’s side and her cause.

This was a feel good story, fraught with dark moments, yes but a feel good story with a happy ending nonetheless. The characters were easy to love (and hate) and you feel a sense of commitment towards them as they fight for their respective goals. The writing is very good and helps carry the story. A great book!