Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review: Atlantic Island

Get it here: Atlantic Island

(This is a review for the Omnibus Edition) I really loved this book. The Hypothetical What-If and Alternate history genre is right up my alley and so I am glad I picked this book up and I devoured it. Even though the story is focused towards the YA audience, as an adult you can still get something out of the story.

We find Theo and his friends enjoying their summer break down in Atlantic City, NJ and what was supposed to be a summer filled with fun, sun parties and girls turned into a horrific nightmare. Part of the Shoreline is ripped from the continent and transported who knows where, but there are questions about things that the group of resident “scientists’ have found, Philadelphia is under water with Swastikas on City Hall? Are we in a bad remake of Water World? But even as many questions as it raises and answers, the author does leave enough questions open ended so that you are left waiting and searching for the next book because this one has gripped you and won’t let go. Get this book and Enjoy!

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