Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book Review Tips, Tricks and $ advice they didn't teach you in college

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This book has lots of good advice, some common sense and some that are helpful even if you are not that knowledgeable in the financial world. Some things that I really liked was the simple explanations the author provided for terms such as: 401(k), Roth and traditional IRA, 457/403(b) Simple IRA’s and so on. He even goes on to explain Investment Accounts, Bonds, Mutual Funds and more. The advice he gives about Mortgages, purchasing Cars and even protecting your data both on and offline is very good and something that I think is really relevant in today’s interconnected world. He references a few other books within if you have some special circumstances so this would benefit you and save you time from browsing the book aisles.

I was surprised at the advice he provided about the Fixed vs. the AR Mortgages, but I think I am more comfortable with the fixed I have now. And the advice about setting a budget and limiting your spending on your credit cards unless you can immediately move the money into it and pay it off is valuable advice that we “know” but never follow. This is avery good book to give you a common sense look at some issues and give you ideas on how to get started with cleaning up your financial mess you are in.

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