Saturday, November 28, 2015

Book Review:The New Lease

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I really enjoy conspiracy novels so this was right up my alley. Fae is a interesting choice as main character since she has a history of mental illness, top that off with her unique assignment from her College Professor in Investigative Journalism you have the perfect plot. Why is there a sudden rush of “feel good” news over the world? How does this all fit together? The book jumped a tad bit too much for me in the beginning, I know it was trying to build the back story and the Indian Ashram was part of the “villains” back-story, but I find it could have been condensed a little.

Regardless of that, I did enjoy the story, the pacing was great (around the middle it took off) and the characters were really detailed. The end (as other reviewers have remarked), left me with a bit of an empty feeling, as if I missed something, but it was only because multiple plotlines were left open. 

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