Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book Review: Cup of evil

Get it here: Cup of evil

The main characters might be Zoe and Garth, but Josh an attorney and acquaintance ends up becoming a major character as well. The bad guy, Mr. Beckman tries his best to thwart them in their plans of rebuilding a downtrodden neighborhood in Manhattan. Corruption, bribes, blackmail you name it he tries everything to get the major and anyone else who might be helpful to stand in their way. And Josh, at first out of a mislaid dutifulness helps Beckman, but once he uncovers the true and deep depravity of Beckman he starts to find his way to Zoe’s side and her cause.

This was a feel good story, fraught with dark moments, yes but a feel good story with a happy ending nonetheless. The characters were easy to love (and hate) and you feel a sense of commitment towards them as they fight for their respective goals. The writing is very good and helps carry the story. A great book!

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