Sunday, November 8, 2015

Book Review: Face of our Father

Get it here: Face of our Fathers

This story about Angie and Stu, husband and wife who try to protect each other from harm, while they each set out to protect innocent people in their own unique way will grip you and will not let go. Poignant in its setting and horrifying in its attention to detail this is a story that could or rather, very well might be happening at this very moment. Honor killings? Check. Human Trafficking? Check. The story telling and writing is superb and you will be left pondering this book for a long time to come. Wondering, are your children truly safe? How close is this threat really to us?

I did like the story. I liked how the prologue, set hundreds of years in the past was incorporated and made relevant in the here and now. This was a fast paced and detailed story and it was a worldwide crime story, with wide reaching implications. This Thriller will keep you entertained until the last word.

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