Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Book Review: Jukebox

The cover and the synopsis drew me in and this author doesn’t disappoint. Her novel Jukebox is full of old-world charm, set in London where you can just feel the character’s confidence and ruthlessness mingled with the British accent in a unique combination. When you think of mobsters, you typically think Italians, but open your mind because these London leaders of the seedy underbelly are going to take you for a ride, along with tea and crumpets. Nick, the lawyer but aspiring record label owner, Mel, his benefactor and Avery a spunky journalist all collide together and have a rip-roaring adventurous time. When things look to good to be true, they often are Nick is finding out, and Avery is pure determination to uncover the story she has sniffed out about Mel. For humor, originality, plot twists and overall great command of the English grammar I highly recommend this book.

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