Friday, May 19, 2017

Book Review: Burn Over

BURN OVER: a novellaBURN OVER: a novella by R.D. Byron-Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At its core this is a romance novella about a young bride named April and her Husband Kyle who is a firefighter in California. They are building their dream home in the foothills of California when it becomes threatened by a massive wildfire burning in the area. However, the possibility of a “burn over”, where the wildfire jumps and overtakes the firefighters, forcing them to take cover in their suits, is forefront on Aprils mind as she worries about Kyles safety. This story is partially based on a true story and the journalistic background of the author is seen in his writing style. He has crafted a gripping story around the tender love between these two main characters and their friends. The addition to the terror this Wildfire creates brings a havoc into the pages that as a reader you are almost spellbound to keep reading until the end. I enjoyed this book maybe a little more than I should have, I certainly finished it in one sitting.

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R. D. Byron-Smith said...

Thanks for the review. Hemingway talked about trying to write that one "true sentence," and your, "I enjoyed this book maybe a little more than I should have" was as perfect as they come. R.D.