Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Book Review: Girl Soldier

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We start the story meeting Rain as she tracks a Deer she shot and is lumbering through the woods. As she finds the Deer and shoots it, we are treated to a softer, merciful side of rain. One that may or may not carry throughout the story (read the book if you want to find out if she is truly merciful, or takes after her ex-CIA Father). I liked Rain and could identify with her, she comes from a broken home (estranged mom), is responsible even at an early age in taking care of most of the things around the rural farm she and her father live in. But shortly after the story starts, Rain sets out to Russia to try and find her mother who is either missing or gone rogue. This story is aptly described as a cross between James Patterson and The Bourne Identity, fast paced, full of intrigue and family mysteries, Rain has a hard task on her hands, and she is only eighteen! Rather than fall into the typical pitfalls of being an airhead teenager, she is smart and resilient, able to use her skills and make the most out of harrowing situations. A really good story!

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