Friday, March 18, 2016

Yarn Dyeing Take two...

So, yesterday I dyed the yarn in the pot with easter egg coloring and today I am "hand painting" the yarn with Food Coloring.

Original color, I used the same 100g yarn I used yesterday

I neglected to take pictures while it was all on my table, but I had the kiddos, running around it trying to grab the dye colors so I couldn't get to it. :)

After the table, the carefully wrapped yarn went into my Pyrex bake dish and into the oven at 250Degrees for 2 hours.

Out of the oven to cool, then I touched up some colors and did a quick microwave reheating. (2min on, 2min cool, 2 min on)
Waiting to cool

Rinse and hang up to dry... ( had to use the upstairs bathroom this time since the kids were trying to get into the yarn again. What is it with toddlers and Yarn that seems so irresistible
Finished Skein
finished skein

repeat of colors
I must say, I really like the brightness of the colors in this skein much better. I wasn't sure iof the orange and I am glad I took the leap since it turned out so wonderful. Orange, various shades of Green with a hint of blue, very bright and cheerful colors!

I will definitely be trying the self dyeing again (already have 3 skeins of wool in the house, but will wait to dye them once I know what project I want to use them with.)

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