Thursday, March 17, 2016

Yarn Dyeing

So I've been fascinated with dyeing your own yarn for awhile now and have decided yesterday to try my hands at it:

This is the first try, dyeing the yarn with easter egg colors.
Original Color

All dyes in the pots, blue, yellow, green, and a red (accidentally)

Starting to re-wind the dried colored yarn

little helpers

I'm using a paper towel holder to wind the yarn, it make it easier on my hands with giving me a wider base to hold

The finished yarn..

I'll have to knit something up to show you the color flow, but it came out all in woodsy muted tones, green, moss green, some brown (or mud color lol), and a spo or two with some red. It reminds me of a forest in a warmer moist climate with ferns and lots of undergrowth... Pretty happy with how it turned out for my first try..


Umme Yusuf said...

Nice job, you got some pretty colors.

Jessica Armstrong said...

Thank you, I think it turned out pretty good for my first try. Now all I need us to finish the backlog I'd projects I currently have so I can knit this into something wonderful!

Jessica Armstrong said...
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