Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Review: The Fall of Icarus

Get it here: Icarus

This is a compilation of short stories. The first is about a man riding the elevator throughout his day as he comes and goes from the hotel. I took this to be an almost anecdotal tale where if you do not seize the moment and opportunity as it is in front of you, you will come back to it in your mind later asking yourself: why did I not take it? A good question, too many of us nowadays are on autopilot and not spontaneous enough to fully enjoy life.
The second story is more a sort of alternate view from the author of how he envisions how the Tale of Icarus played out.
The third story is a telling of a tale by an archivist to an elderly couple of a Girl who learns to fly. These are really nice, thought provoking stories. I loved reading these and then sitting with my thoughts and figuring out how I would have reacted in those situations, as well as how I can take what was learned (the regrets and discoveries) in the stories and apply it to my life. How maybe the “safe, middle” path is not the best one to take, maybe be a little more spontaneous in life to truly live.

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