Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Review: Hellbender

Get it here: Hellbender

If you've been reading along in the series, asking questions and waiting for the answers, well here they are. Many loose plot lines from previous books are tied up in this novel. How things work: magic, Fangborn, and otherwise, as well as our girl Zoe grows up. Figuratively speaking, but she does set standards for herself, starts relying on herself more while still taking advice as compared to earlier books where she desperately was seeking others opinions and trying to shoulder the responsibilities off on others. Here, by the end she takes matters into her own hands (so to speak) and sets things right. She also chooses between Will and Adam…

Really enjoyable book, esp. since the other ones in the series sort of dragged on for me, this book brought them all together and rewarded me for sticking it out. I liked the relatable and fleshed out characters and was able to immerse myself in the world. When the next one comes, I will be looking forward to it. 

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