Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review: The Jewel Box

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Everything is Big in Texas, Even life!
This was a very interesting and rewarding book. The story reads just like talking with your best friend who is telling you about her day. I quickly started to become engrossed in the different characters and was sad whenever tragedy struck. And like life happening all around you, tragedy did strike often and ruined many things in Cherie’s life. But throughout it all, I found remarkable that she stuck it out, and she got back up and tried again to provide for a better future for her daughter Nikki.
Her good friends were a hoot! I loved the kookiness of Delilah, and she reminds me of one of the friends I have here in TX. Beau, with his witty, smart remarks and quotes from great literature became a father figure to Cherie and helped her through some of the tough times in her life. This story plays out in TX over the 60’s and 70’s and gives many culture references such as music or news flashes like the Vietnam War ending.

As another reviewer said, this story is almost a chick flick in its humor, drama, self deprecating characters and the heartbreak and hope that runs throughout the story. A refreshing read that I would recommend to anyone to add to their summer book list.

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