Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Review: The Prince

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Man this book has it all: Family Drama and Intrigue, Power Struggles, Action, Heroism and the atypical Good vs. Evil. Set in a Star Wars worthy universe and you have: The Prince: Lucifer's Origins. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one. Even if you only read this book it has enough in it to be a standalone.
The Sci-Fi elements in this book are not so technical or “out there” that even a novice reader would have difficulties. At the same time there is enough in there to keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the story. I want to write this epic review but I would be giving away major plot spoilers here.
Throughout the story Prince Victor goes through so many trials and each time you ask yourself, is this time going to be the time? Will he perish? Will he get captured? As we follow along as he examines the role his family as “royals” should be playing in the everyday lives of the citizens. Should they rule absolutely? Or is it time to maybe usher in a new era? The writing is spot on with no errors or sentence structure mistakes that would jar you out of the story and the writing is also not boring. There is humor in here as well and you don’t even notice that this book has a grip on you until you are near the end, thinking where did all that time go?
Do yourself a favor and pick this book up… you will enjoy it from cover to cover. I know I did!

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