Saturday, June 27, 2015

Book Review: Guardians of Shadows

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This was a hard book to begin reading by itself. I would imagine reading it in the correct order in the series (this is book 8) would be much better. That being said the book is a fantastic story set out in the middle of Space. Ethical Questions such as: “Simply because we have the power to destroy another living sentient race, should we?” And more are asked and explored within the story, taking our heroes on a perilous journey full of wonder, excitement and thrilling action.
Terr the main character has the “hand of Death” a tremendously powerful weapon that can destroy a Spaceship quickly and completely but he struggles to find a balance with this new found power and how to consolidate it in his relationship with Teena. She is kidnapped while they are out on a cultural exchange mission by the Kran, the invading force and he sets out on a dangerous quest to rescue her from deep behind enemy lines.

Ultimately I would recommend purchasing the previous books in this series since the writing is superb, but with having the foreknowledge of what led up to the events in this story it would be more enjoyable. 5Stars for a great story (my mistake for getting this book before the others is not worthy of taking down a star)

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