Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Review: Soaring

Get it here: Soaring

What an empowering and uplifting read! This book couldn’t have come in a better time for me, I have been experiencing some of the “Baby Blues” and this book really helped me out of the funk! I am able to see each day differently now, enjoy each day and I am able to be more loving to everyone. Not being a member of the catholic faith, there were some biblical verses strewn throughout the book, but they are not “preachy” and do not detract from the main message. No, they help define it!

This book has a step by step program to help you envision and work towards what you want in life. By being more loving towards yourself you are able to fill your life with love. At the end of each chapter, you have simple steps and diagrams on how to integrate the chapters lessons and how to actually use them in real life. There are anecdotal stories from both the author and other people throughout America who have used these steps to turn their lives around to do what they love or are passionate about. They have found a way to visualize where they want to be, and by creating positive thoughts, and empowering reinforcements of their love for themselves they were on their way, they were Soaring!

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