Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Review: The Dead Bank Diary

Get it here: Dead Bank Diaries

The characters are fleshed out and you get just enough back stories on them to know who's who and how they work together and their relationships but you're not bogged down with too much information. The story takes place in Moscow and has to do with the money flow between banks and how people’s lives are changed as they try to stay alive and make deals however they can.  
Overall this story follows Anna, a “middleman” as well as her partners Peter and Igor as they're trying to make money and how the world has changed from when they started getting rich in the business to now, how it currently is.

I think this has a really good story and plot to it, it's pretty mysterious but the poor translation/editing really detracts from the story and didn't let me get into the flow of the events. I truly hope that there will be a follow-up book, or maybe this is the first in a series so that some of the loose ends will be tidied up. 

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