Thursday, July 2, 2015

Long-term Projects..

We're talking serious long-term. I've re-started this King Size Blanket for my Dad I started back in Spring of 2011.
Yes, thats right: Spring of 2011.
This blanket has almost taken on a life of its own in my humble opinion. It is a beautiful pattern, but a bit monotone, and having two under 3 kids running around the house certainly doesn't help. not when they LOVE playing with yarn. Somehow the pieces of yarn Mom cuts off are not as interesting as the yarn she s currently using..

BUT.. I want to finally finish this one and get it out of my house. I have tons of little patterns and projects queued in my Ravelry account and others started laying about the house (I'm sure they drive the hubby nuts each time he sees one. He never mentions them though, Bless his heart) that I want to finish and get done.

So here is the latest pic:

I will be adding more pics as i get more done on it...

As for my other side business? Well, I have a nice selection of Inventory currently and as a Tasbih only takes about an hour or so to make I'll be making more as I sell them. The Rosary that has been requested will have to wait until I get all the supplies in.

Happy Crafting!!

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