Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Review: She's all caught up!

Get it here: All caught up!

This is a memoir from Jamila Davis, chronicling her life up until and beyond her capture and incarceration for a Bank Fraud Scheme. It shows how our choices in life (good and bad) come with very real repercussions. It follows along, showing how she grew up, her ever changing circle of friends and family and how all of this can easily influence a young child.
I really was able to sympathize and put myself into Jamila shoes since I went through many of the same phases as she did in life. I ended up having help with my family who taught me the hard way to knock all my nonsense off, and for her, her choices led to where she is now. But she is still a strong, smart and resourceful woman and I would encourage any young teenager to read this book. They will quickly learn how you can think you are all that and noone can touch you but you are always only a few steps ahead of the consequences of your actions and if you trip up they are going to catch you! I will make my children read this book when they are old enough, that's for sure!

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