Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review Tuna Life

Get it here: Tuna Life

What do several missing girls, an accountant-turned-CEO of a Tech start-up, a Russian Businessman and two nosy reporters have in common? Well, tuna life draws them all together in a thrilling masterpiece set in Australia amongst the new Tech scene of start up companies all wanting to make the quick extra dollar on new Apps.

The characters are complex and you are kept guessing till the very end (even after a very climactic scene) about who was behind the murders. And it has the ultimate twist; I tell you it is worth the wait to finish this book. I enjoyed the story, it had me gripped the entire time and it was a bitter sweet moment when I reached the end. This is a great story; about how money corrupts, the loss of our privacy with each new app and social media sensation and what happens when the killer is hiding amongst us ordinary people? Is killing ever truly justified?

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