Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Review: South of Good

Get it here: South of Good

This was a very interesting and entertaining book and I enjoyed the story immensely. The well thought plot keeps you reeled in to the very end. There is action, humor, betrayal and even a little romance. You can truly imagine the characters and their reactions to the situations they have to face since they are very fleshed out and realistic.
The plot follows Hardin, a local south Texas sheriff and his friends when they get themselves into a bit of trouble early in the story. As we follow along, the trouble just keeps snowballing from there. Throughout this story Hardin's girlfriend gets kidnapped, a few people get killed and someone inherits a lot of money. Many things happen and the situations keep coming, but Harding and his "posse" deal with it all and handle it with humor and bravado.
This is a great law enforcement themed (DEA, Coast Guard, Sheriff) read, the classical good guys vs. bad guys and the Good Guys will prevail! (But how battered they will be, and who will ultimately be left standing you have to read to find out!)

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