Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Review: Hat of Keepings

Get it here: Keepings

An interesting and dare I say it: “Spellbinding story”?! Jane and Sara, two teenage Witches stumble upon a murder in progress and get pulled into a devious plot of a Blood witch trying to recover the Perigon Amulet. The two girls are at first not believed by the adult witches, but after a Jane gets her memory erased, Sara ends up being helped by the head witch Melissa, the guardian of their coven.
Teenage readers will gobble this book up for the interactions between the characters, the excellent story and the heartbreak between the two girls in their relationship with each other. There is a betrayal, lost family members found and an epic battle that was frozen in time, reignited with the classical good vs. evil.

This was a fast and entertaining book and it looks lie (according to the epilogue) that the story isn’t over, that maybe more is to come. The author did tie up any loose ends and plot twists that were left hanging so you can certainly read this book as a stand alone if you wanted. 

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