Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: The Avocadonine and Spring Stone

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This is a good mystery story, as well as a representation of high school life for Rey Naresh and his friends. He gets a reading from a gypsy at a young age and that reading, strange as it was becomes important in his life when he reaches the 9th grade. This is a great mystery about a lady from Russia who is trying to gain control of the youngster’s minds once they reach 9th grade, not just in Rey’s hometown, but eventually all over the world. She wants this so that she can “help children become better and smarter”.
I kept thinking that if you take all those post apocalyptic novels (like Maze Runner, The Giver, Insurgent) and rewind a few hundred years, this is how it might all have begun. With a simple idea from someone trying to me it all “better”.
I did like this book; it was well written, had a good flow and will definitely be picked up by younger readers. You are drawn in and follow along with the kids as they try to unravel the mystery, find out just who is involved and how and ultimately try to stop the plot. It’s a great book and a unique story well worth taking your time checking out. 

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