Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review: Bits and Pieces

Get it here: Bits and Pieces

This is an interesting collection of short stories and some of them were extremely interesting whereas others were not. The book is divided into three “parts” and there is a story for everyone. Even though I did not like every short story there were some that really drew me in. Due to the slow pacing of the book overall, some stories felt like they were dragging on and on.

Other than that, the stories are well written and the transition is so smooth between some stories that I had to flip back a few pages to ensure it was really a different character. I think the main premise from this book is that here are a collection of stories of everyday life’s problems and how the individual characters handle them. My favorite two stories were about the accountant and the one about Amala because I could identify with them the most. 

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