Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Book Review: Birth of an Assassin:

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Jez and Anna are the main POV in this book along with come other dicey characters that have a hatred for Jews (Jez being the main one affected, although Anna does get caught up with it somewhat). Jez, has his heart set on joining the Russian army and is disillusioned with any type of religious zeal his family has. Through some (for him) fortunate circumstances, he finds his career skyrocketed through the ranks with choice posts wherever he wants and thus he comes into the spotlight of Otto, who will stop at nothing to destroy Jez.  

Having read the other book by Mr. Stone, (The Turkish connection), I had high hopes for this book and Mr. Stone sure didn’t disappoint. The story telling was superb and the plot was believable. Even though there are references and connections to the Turkish Connection, you do not have to read that book to enjoy this one. I am hoping that there will be another book in this series, I truly enjoy the world building and the unique characters. I recommended that book and I recommend this one as well. 

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