Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Review: Love on a boat

Get it here: Love on a Boat

What a great story! I really enjoy romance novels, in the Mediterranean, its sort of my thing having grown up in Europe, so this story was spot on for me. The characters drew you in and I was rooting for Flynn and Kate a few chapters in. The little details in the book; that flesh the characters out are believable and give it that little extra something.
It was the first time reading a romance that took place primarily on a boat/yacht and the pier, but I wasn’t left behind with unfamiliar terms or descriptions. I think the author really kept it simple and focused the plot on the relationships between the people and how it evolved and I loved that.

The romance in this book builds, like a crescendo until the very end and it survives some life and death situations. There’s also a minor romance in here between Steve and his wife Donna and it is nice to see how it works out for them in the end. A great read for the end of summer (kids off to school and you’ll have some time to read).

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