Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Review: Art of Remaining Calm

Get it here: Remaining Calm

I picked this book up because my Husband suffers from Anxiety and I wanted to get him a helpful book in understanding how it works and how to maybe work around the issues. This book certainly provided us with the information of how anxiety happens, all the different causes and influences throughout our daily lives that can trigger attacks.

The author then goes into helpful ways of managing and (hopefully) reversing the Anxiety by reducing the stress and other triggers in your life. The book was well written in easy to understand language (no page long research journal citations here) and that in itself made it easy for my husband to read. I could’ve done less with some of the repetitive sentences (almost word for word), but maybe they were there to drive the point home that they were making. Overall, an interesting, and informative book and we will see how the tips the author has provided will help us.

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