Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review: How to lose the last 10 Pounds

Get it here: How to Lose

This book is awesome! The author makes some frank and stark observations about our Current Epidemics of Obesity and how all the Weight Loss advice we receive is not working because it is a recycled version of the same advice we got last time. Even our Doctors and Dieticians are overweight she observes! This should make us pause. And I agree, I am a grown woman who doesn’t need someone babysitting my meal plans. I need some helpful advice, some no nonsense, get your butt in gear motivation by someone who has been there done that and can tell me, how to do it. And this book does that. All the while the fantastic attitude and humor from the author helps me with taking a critical look at just what I am doing and maybe, just how to fix it in productive (and efficient ways). Oh, and I agree that the food is the Devil! 

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