Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review: Bubble Up

Get it here: Bubble Up

This story came off to a slow start. I felt like the Author was a bit all over the place talking about different events that did not pertain to the story (near miss with a great white), but other than that you have a good Horror story. It has tense moments, lots of description of gory details while leaving your imagination to fill in the rest. The story is about a few cousins who happen to be best friends in a small town and love to spend their free time outdoors. They all agree to go diving in a local backwater hole that apparently hasn’t been explored yet.

The story moves along (after the beginning) at a steady pace and we encounter some terrifying beings and some extraordinary circumstances by which the Teens are barely able to escape with their lives. It has a good premise and plot, some more work could’ve been done on some grammar errors throughout, but overall a good story.

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