Saturday, January 9, 2016

Book Review: The Kiev Connection

Get it here: Kiev Connection

Follow along as Matti, an artist working for the Forensic Department as a facial reconstructant, finds and then solves the latest crime scene. The story twist and turns as she tries to figure out just how are the Russians involved and how much does her on again, off again Lover really truly know? The story alludes to it but never really says it but Matti is a medium and her ever constant ghost friend Abby an “in-betweener” can be sure to pop up at any moment. Mattis dog can also sniff “in betweeners”, making him a useful cadaver dog.

The story was pretty interesting, I like following along the different plot lines but was never truly lost in the story. I also like that the relationship between her and Joe, (while being important in the story) never took center stage and we were able to enjoy this story as a Crime/supernatural mystery with a Dash of Romance. Well written and plenty of humor to balance out the crime and gruesomeness of the murders.

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