Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book Review: The Benwarian Fix

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What do you get when you take our current situation (Global Warming, epidemics, over population, deforestation, etc…) and flip it with an alien twist? You get an intriguing Sci-Fi adventure. The Benwarian race has fled their dying planet. By not interfering with another race that lived on their planet that was destroying it, they were forced to build a space ship and flee. They arrived at Earth, a suitable planet for their survival only to find that the dominant species here (humans) are destroying the planet with much of the same disregard as what happened at their old planet. What are they to do?

This was interesting and certainly pulled you in pretty quickly. The twists with Ship and Logis, the Leader of the Benwarians and their connection, plus the drastic measures that Logis takes to ensure the Earth will survive are obviously going to be controversial. I do think that some readers forget that this is a Science FICTION book, and it only mimics the current Global situation. I still think it is a story worth telling and the author did a fine job.

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