Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Review: Prison of Souls

Get it here: Prison of Souls

This was a pretty interesting story. The story begins in a prison, when we meet Joshua and his wife (who happens to be his attorney as well) where they have lost the murder trial against Joshua and he is now in jail. He suffers from severe epilepsy and hallucinations (that’s even how they met) and apparently during one of his fits he drove upstate and murdered a professor. Early in the story we find out that the professor might have actually performed experiments on Joshua as a kid so the link is there. But it doesn’t explain some of the hallucinations and the story just gets weird from there.

An interesting concept and well written Thriller, this one will keep you turning pages just to try and figure out the clues of what is real and what is in the mind. It was thought provoking and the author obviously enjoys making us think about the deeper meaning of our humanity.

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