Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Review: Detour Amour

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The third and final installment in this unusual Romantic trilogy, finds our main Guy: Tucker again (or still?) in some steamy, exciting and dangerously mysterious situations. Tucker is still trying to unravel the who, what and how’s of the recent events he has undergone (please read the first two books or you might be a little lost at first), but we are soon right in the swing of things again and this time Tucker is taking charge and not just hiding out.

The Romance (after divorce) from a Guys Point of View is pretty interesting. Don’t look for page long anecdotes about a guys pectorals, this book, is straight to the point but still manages to leave some mysteries and humor to give this book a interesting twist on it all. I enjoyed reading the final installment after reading the first two, since it did close up loose ends and answer some questions I had about certain ladies involvement amongst things…

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Jack Dancer said...


Thanks for your review of my book Detour Amour. I appreciate you reading it and I loved your review.

Tucker Blue will be returning this year and on another crazy dating adventure, this time in Scotland on a "True Love tour" of castles and places around the country with seven other couples who've also been "matched up" through a DNA process. (Yeah, I know it's weird but it's also actually being done.) All of the couples have their quirks that will lend to one funny adventure. Should be lots of tension and surprises along the way. Lots of different underlying plots going on too. Of course I don't know everything that'll happen but I do know the ending and boy is it a whoosey! A good one but it'll come out of left field like nothing the reader will expect. Though like any good story with such an ending, there will be subtle clues sprinkled throughout.

If you're interested I'll be looking for some critiques and ideas and input as I'm developing this new series and would welcome your's. Let me know. Email me at If you know of others who might be interested let me know that too.

Anyhow, thanks so much again Jessica.

Jack Dancer, author Detour Paris series