Sunday, March 26, 2017

Book Review: Devil's Divide

Devil's DivideDevil's Divide by Jeffrey M. Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Devils divide is a Post-apocalyptic novel in the vein of “Dies the Fire” by Stirling. I think that Mr. Anderson, has done a superb job in revitalizing this genre and putting his own stamp on it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this book will end up being the first in a series. I enjoyed the authors writing style from first page to last: it is witty and humorous at times but also gritty when needed. He was able to paint the picture of a financial meltdown which grinds the whole world to a full-stop in such a way that I could see it happening today and fully believe it.
In our story, we are introduced to Clay and Madeline, a couple who is testing out a “trial separation” by Madeline moving across the country to Boston. Meanwhile, Clays Firm undergoes a costly and crippling litigation process. When the world stops, Clay makes it his mission to find Madeline and so he bicycles along the nation’s highways and through nature to try and reach her. He meets many colorful and some dangerous characters along the way. And one encounter that will ultimately decide the fate of the nation. A great, spellbinding page-turner!

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