Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Review: Lingering with Diamonds

Lingering With DiamondsLingering With Diamonds by Graham Rippon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a set of two short stories, one a story about two diamond thieves named Alfred and Squidge and a story about police Constable Bobby Nickem who is stationed in a sleepy, quaint little town called Lingering-in-the-Marsh. The two Thieves are your typical diamond thieves, who are trying to perform heists, or are cooking up plans to perform them. Think of them as a version of Harry and Marv, the “wet Bandits” of Home Alone, devious and hilarious at the same time. Constable Bobby is for me closer to a combination of Angel and Butterman from Hot Fuzz.
These two stories although short, are great introductions to the author and made me almost wish that they were longer. The characters are a hoot, the relationships between them are plausible and realistic and there is enough British humor to tickle your fancy. The writing style was superb, and engaging and free of grammatical errors. The story flow for both was smooth and steady, I was not skipping pages to get to the good stuff, there was plenty there in each page.

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