Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Book Review: Sassy Gal's Recipes

Sassy Gal's How To Lose The Last Damn 10 Pounds or 15, 20, 25...RecipesSassy Gal's How To Lose The Last Damn 10 Pounds or 15, 20, 25...Recipes by Sharon Helbert
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I have already read the previous book by this author with the same title, but it did not have any recipes in it. I was at first a little skeptical about the recipes since the description mentioned reducing animal products and I love me some good meats. However, I was pleasantly surprised that with these recipes I did not have to cut that out completely. The recipes that I’ve tried so far were fun, easy to follow and most importantly tasted delicious! This is a great addition to my cookbook collection and I foresee that it will be getting much usage in the coming days/weeks and even months to come. One of my favorites is the Tortilla soup with chicken. It was savory and my husband who is a picky eater even like it. Other recipes I’ve tried that I liked were the Portobello Mushroom Steak and the Sassy Gal’s Chocolate Cake.

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