Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Book Reviews: Crossroads from Damascus

Crossroads from Damascus: Mississippi HeadlightsCrossroads from Damascus: Mississippi Headlights by Jason Akley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Crossroads from Damascus is a genre spanning, chronicle of how pot addiction can influence a person’s everyday life. Humor, self-reflections, even a murder all make their presence known within this book. The author lays open with his personal accounts how his interactions with pot and the resulting industry have shaped his life. Some of the stories, which are presented in Diary Format, were extremely touching and poignant. Free Bird for example, reminded me of myself with an uncanniness that was at times a little frightening. I wasn’t a big fan of the poetry, but then it usually is not my thing, so anyone who is a poetry fan might find them nice. The only thing I would change is the flow of the sentences in some stories. The paragraphs come off the page a little disjointed but other than that I didn’t see glaring grammar errors as some reviewers noted. It seemed to me the author took his diary and published it without going over it to “polish” up his writing. Even so, if human interactions, emotions that are not forced or staged is your thing, then this book may be for you.

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