Monday, October 19, 2015

Book Review: 9/10 of the Law

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What a weird thriller. Those were my first thoughts as I finished this book. It was a well written story (although, I could’ve definitely done without the extensive use of profanity and colorful descriptions of people's rear ends and such). If you think this will be your run-of-the-mill crime dramas, think again. The weirdness starts from the first chapter. Detective Ricci is living in Australia and gets called out on a gruesome homicide. Trying to detangle all the people who know “something” and figure out who did the crime is where it gets weird, (think possessions and supernatural feelings) and the story does take several macabre turns before finally leading up to the end and dropping you smack dab into it.

The story (minus the language) was pretty unique, and in itself gripping. It might very well have you questioning whether to turn off that hallway light at night. The descriptions are pretty graphic and there is some drug use depicted within the book. I know some people were saying the Australian slang was hard to follow but I didn’t think so. Nothing was so far out that I couldn’t deduce what the author was describing. A good book, but definitely not lighthearted.

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