Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Book Review: Brothers and Strangers

Get it here: Brothers

This story about Cassie and Gareth who is his boss; but who eventually takes Cassie under his wing and becomes his best friend; was interesting and well detailed, but I believe that the pace being so slow made it harder to read than it could have been. There are mysteries and flashbacks and some things don’t make much sense until you come closer to the end but it is well worth sticking with this book. The author does recommend that you read the first book in the series, but if you don’t (like me), I think you can still find a interesting story here.
Over time Cassie travels from England to USA to become a professor, but still stays in close touch with Gareth, and starts researching something called Hughes gun. Meanwhile their close friend Marianne is investigating a suspicion that Gareth is not who he claims to be. Throughout his life and this quest, Cassie encounters some pretty interesting fellows and gals and we learn a lot about him through his interactions and his thoughts/reflections of events that have happened in the past.

The ending is a pretty good twist and certainly wasn’t obvious. Very superb writing overall.

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