Sunday, October 25, 2015

Book Review: Nicolas Dent and the Mysterious Machines

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This book was geared towards Young Adults, but since I enjoy reading them, this was a no brainer for me. Our hero is Nicholas Dent who lives with his Mother and sister. His father dies shortly after he was born so he never knew him. Nicholas survived a mysterious illness that almost killed him right after he was born and wants nothing more to be average, normal and unnoticed in his life. However, his mother starts dating a researcher, he starts suffering from unexplainable fatigue and funny things start happening (like who sacked his room).
Nicholas discovers some amazing and some horrifying things at the local Research Facility outside of town and in his Fathers storage unit (until now unknown) storage Locker he finally stumble upon some answers for his questions.

By the end of the novel you will be hanging onto each page, waiting to see if this fatigue will finally overcome him, Will Dr Sam or Dr Leach get a hold of him for who knows what experiments? What is hiding in the bowels of the Facility? And what are all those tiny things in his Cells? A very well written book full of courage, team work, angst and triumph. I would recommend this one to any of my teenage cousins. 

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