Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book Review Detour Paris

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The story follows Tucker Blue as he hilariously tries to find his way to Barcelona after being bumped off the companion Ticket that he was using from his Flight Attendant Girlfriend. Coincidentally, another Flight Attendant got bumped as well and she joins him as he makes his way across the globe to meet up with Ebba his Girlfriend. 
All in all, after some misfortunes they are finally on their way. Some things that make this story interesting: The mystery around the raven and the one around the man who crashes through their compartment door and dies, where did the Lottery Ticket come from?

The author leaves a bit of a cliff hangar here, although there is an excerpt from the second book in the series at the end of this one, which starts to answer some of them. The story is a mix between a lust story and a murder mystery as you have these different angles that are there telling their story and then you discover how the different people meet and how they tie together.

I found this book entertaining, the concept of “divorced people dating” wasn’t all that new to me (I am divorced) but the Flight Attendant angle put a new spin on it and overall the story was sound. 

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