Monday, October 5, 2015

Book Review: No greater Love

Get it here: No greater Love

What a wonderful romance novel! And it is such a current topic right now, with the refugee situation that the concept of this book intrigued me and I am glad I got it. The story follows Janan and Pieter how their lives start and ultimately intertwine and the love that blossoms from it.
Janans sense of duty and honor towards her family and friends was admirable and something that I was able to identify with and made me emphasize with her much more than any other character. Janan ends up asking Pieter for one night, and one night only, (mainly because she is under the impression that he will be leaving her small town and so the possibility of gossip or heartache of seeing him would be removed), but over the course of that one night they discover afterwards that they have lost their hearts to each other and so much more. After some predictable turmoil they find their ways back to each other and are united again.

Even with some predictable situations and plot turns (it is a romance after all), this story was refreshing and entertaining to read. Great book!

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