Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book REview: A Different Breed

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So this book’s story is based upon the premise that Vampires did not inherently stem from a curse from god, or that they are demons or evil incarnate. This book proposes the theory that Vampires are a form of Natural Evolution of the Human species. That one does not Die and then re awaken as a blood sucking tyrant, rather one falls ill and in this illness the person falls into a coma like state and when they awaken they are remade.

Reading it as a vampire novel only this book might not do it for you. It didn’t for me until I simply stopped trying to see the vampires that I have become used to and started to see this as the story and adventures of Kate Sutton a young girl who, through unfortunate events gets captured, tortured and turned into a half-breed. Reading it as a adventure for her, following her story, the vampire aspect falls to the background only reemerge here and there, staying relevant and not distracting from the main story.

The ending was good; however, since it is the first in a series, the ending does leave some loopholes that will hopefully be tied up in the next book. I truly enjoyed reading this book and will recommend it to others.

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