Friday, October 16, 2015

Book Review: Wake not the Hangman

Get it here: Wake not the Hangman

While this book on the surface seems to be your typical western novel, within the pages is a tale of courage, abuse, heartbreaking love and the ultimate betrayals. Thornton is treated just like a slave by his abusive father and made to work the farm day in and day out. He despises Slavery and when his father brings home three slaves to help out around the farm Thornton welcomes these new potential conspirators for a daring escape. However, when his cousin Ethan (who is as mean spirited as Thornton’s Father), makes a sudden appearance, it puts the entire plan and family at risk.

This book was so well written and the characters were so fleshed out that I was drawn into it quickly. The ending was superb and actually interesting since you sort of have the happy ending you would expect. Then again you don’t. The reflection by Thornton at the end is extremely thought provoking since it is still relevant today. What are the consequences of your actions? And do you let the fear of repercussions stop you from doing the right thing?

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